Key Features

Time Sheets

Start and stop time sheets, so breaks are recorded as well as work. Appoint Supervisors to run time sheets for Ad-Hoc Workers. Monitor time sheets in real time.


Allocate Jobs to Workers, monitor progress, for better management. Receive real time updates and plan ahead for jobs based on Workers’ locations.


Reproduce almost any paper form, with added interactivity. A wide variety of customisable field types makes form generation easy and efficient. Capture data in real time including photos and signatures.


Create customer bills on site. They will be automatically issued to the customer and details recorded at the base location. Faster invoicing means faster payment.


Track an individual’s location or view history for planning and management.


Define an area and check any individual’s movements in and out of the area. Perfect for any work force with jobs in multiple locations.

Improve workforce efficiency

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How it Works

How it works – at base location

Admin at office base uses the secure Field Zipper Web Portal. Workers use the Field Zipper Mobile App.

Use the Web Portal to set up and manage Workers’ records. Once Workers are set up, Admin can send them jobs, forms, contacts, locations, etc. Admin can also view Workers’ time sheets, progress of jobs and form data submitted by Field Staff. Admin can access the Web Portal at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.

How it works – in the field

Workers download the mobile app from the Google Play store or iTunes and input an activation code sent via email from the Web Portal. Once the app is activated, the Worker can submit time sheets, perform actions on jobs, submit data for forms and raise invoices, etc.


Sales/Marketing Companies

Direct your resources with maximum efficiency. Respond to customers’ requests instantly. Place your representatives on the spot in the minimum time, armed with up-to-the-minute product information and full customer details.

Courier Companies

Track delivery routes and parcel progress. Plan for success. Take and transmit signature details for proof of delivery. Real-time information allows pick-ups as well as deliveries to be organised, even when the courier has left base.

Insurance Companies

Complete forms on site. Upload photo evidence instantly. Respond to quotation applications quicker than your competitors, including verification of property to be insured, with instant response from base. Deal with claims on the spot with maximum efficiency.

Construction Companies

Supervise your work crews and manage data efficiently. Monitor from the base location while a Supervisor in the field keeps the base fully informed. Position your crew members accurately, to ensure maximum output.

Engineering Companies

Specify detailed Locations and record evidence electronically. Keep track of progress with real-time updates. Position resources strategically – it’s so much easier when you know where everything (and everyone) is.


Roll out your infrastructure faster than your competitors by allocating tasks to field force in real time and keep track of their progress. Know where your resources are and plan ahead. Collect customer data electronically for fast processing and quick response to win sales and enhanced customer service.

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